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Reviews for The Poison Priestess - Book 4 of the Silk & Steel Saga

5 stars - Brilliant
April 5, 2013 - Posted on and by JKemhus 
Once again Karen has created a brilliant book. They keep getting better and better. This book takes us back the Liandra, Jordan, Stephan, the Priestess, Stewart and some other colorful character.
The plot of this book takes place at the same time that Skeleton King was happening.
As everything comes together Karen has managed to create a living chess board where the next move is anyone's guess.
Brilliant writing, seamless chapters, and an amazing flair for intrigue; Karen knows how to keep a readers attention perked and hungry for more.
The Poison Priestess is a fascinating character that was introduced in earlier books. The Priestess has a different kind of agenda that has you chomping at the bit to see what is up her sleeve. This book takes passion and deception up a notch.
You won't regret picking up this saga. Never boring, full of twists and turns, heartache and passion, power and subterfuge, dark and light... Who will make the next move and who will ultimately cause check mate!
Keep reading my friends for the road is a place of discovery.

5 stars - Can't wait for the next one!
August 5, 2013 - Posted on by Erika (United States) (REAL NAME)  
I think this is my favorite so far in the series. It's interesting because some of my favorite characters don't even have a chapter in this one. I think the story is just at such an exciting pivotal moment that I really couldn't put it down. Thank God Karen writes so quickly and doesn't have all the red tape of a large publisher. As soon as the next one comes out I'm ordering the ebook pronto!

5 stars - Great Series
March 20, 2013 - Posted on by patsy
Loved this series I've now finished this book but I do hope there's another to come to finish the saga although I think this is for young adults as a 66 year old I enjoyed the adventure

5 stars - The Poison Priestess
January 22, 2013 - Posted on by Paul
Another excellent installment. Story is well integrated and keeps you looking for more. Author has a strong ability to keep multiple story lines cohesive and easy enough to follow. Looking forward to last segment!

4 stars - Great for fantasy/sci fi lovers
July 21, 2013 - Posted on by Robert F Henry
I have enjoyed the series. If you like fantasy, sci fi, you'll enjoy this author. Looking forward to the 5th and final book.

5 stars - Excellent fantasy entertainment!
January 8, 2013 - Posted on by "Seregil of Rhiminee"
The Poison Priestess is the fourth book of The Silk & Steel Saga. It satisfyingly continues the complex and entertaining story, which started in The Steel Queen and then continued in The Flame Priest and The Skeleton King.

I have to say that I was very impressed by The Poison Priestess, because Karen Azinger clearly loves to write fantasy and is devoted to this series (the story arc which spans five books is quite an achivement, because in this series everything is connected and all the happenings mean something). If I had to use only one adjective to describe this book, it would be "amazing", because this book is simply amazing and highly entertaining.

Karen Azinger has a wonderful talent for surprising her readers and fans with fresh and exciting plot twists. As a big fan of fantasy literature, I can mention that it was easy for me to see that Karen Azinger loves writing and wants to write an unforgettable fantasy adventure which both entertains and surprises her readers. Her descriptive writing style adds lots of charm to this book, because readers are able to immerse themselves to the story by reading about well-constructed and vividly portrayed characters, exotic places and magic.

Because it's been a while since the two previous books (The Flame Priest and The Skeleton King) were published, here's a bit of information about what happened in them (these synopses are as spoiler-free as possible):

In The Flame Priest Queen Liandra faced the threat of the Red Horns. Kath and her companions travelled north and faced several problems along the way. Samson and Justin tried to find a way to free Coronth of the brutal religion of the Flame God. Duncan's secret was revealed. Steffan created an army and wanted to set it free. Read more ›

5 stars - Ready for the next book now!
January 4, 2013 - Posted on by Ronna K. Rothenberger
Karen Azinger's Silk and Steel saga heats up with the fourth installment. Finally we learn more about the elusive priestess! She is a terrific character and adds much interest to the continuing story. Can't say too much or it would be spoilers but loved it! I am continually amazed by the wonderful detail in how well the author has developed this entire world and the involvement of the characters with each other even when they are not together or may not have even encountered each other yet. My favorite characters are alas on hold in this book but this only increases my desire to grab and read the next installment as soon as it is available!

5 stars  
March 29, 2013 - Posted on Barnes & Noble by maffism
I'm not really into fantasy at all,but I loved this. The protagonist is evil but you still like her in a way. A sort of love to hate character. This book is beautiflly written. Read it EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE FANTASY GENRE.

5 stars - absolutely Brilliant
March 29, 2013 - posted on by maffism (Glasgow)
What can I saw,. It's awesome. I don't normally read fantasy but I ended up with reading this one because I won a copy. Recommended to all even if they don't like fantasy.