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Book 1
The Steel Queen
Book 2
The Flame Priest
Book 3
The Skeleton King
Book 4
The Poison Priestess
​Nov 2012
Book 5
The Knight Marshal
​Oct 2013
Book 6
The Prince Deceiver
​Sep 2014
Cover Artwork

Everyone judges books by their cover, so I am thrilled to have such fabulous artwork for the covers of my books. The front covers for The Silk & Steel Saga were done by award-winning Australian artist, Greg Bridges. Greg's work perfectly captures the characters of my epic saga. Greg has been commissioned to complete all seven covers of the saga. You can find more of his work at his website:
Link to Greg Bridges
Book 7
The Battle Immortal
Oct 2015
The Conclusion to the Silk & Steel Saga
Power Writing:
Make Your Genre Fiction Soar
​Nov 2016
The cover artwork for my short story collection, The Assassin's Tear, and my book on writing, Power Writing: Make Your Genre Fiction Soar, were both created by an up and coming graphic artist in Oregon. Peggy Lowe captures the mystery of The Assassin's Tear with her gorgeous cover and combines the ideas of writing tips with insights into theThe Silk & Steel Saga in the cover of Power Writing.  Peggy also created the two maps for The Silk & Steel Saga. Her maps help to bring the kingdoms of Erdhe to life. Peggy can be contacted at her e-mail address

 [email protected]
The Assassin's Tear
​A collection of short stories