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Book 7 - The Battle Immortal

The conclusion to the Silk & Steel Saga

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The Battle Immortal - Book 7 of The Silk & Steel Saga

The Battle Immortal is a time when long-foretold prophecies live and die, when magic runs wild, and legends clash with nightmares. Darkness eclipses Erdhe. The Mordant holds the Spider Queen's city in thrall, while his plots slither like tentacles across the southern kingdoms. Kath and her small band race to Pellanor, but the red comet is nearly set. Ancient magics clash as prophecies spawn unforeseen traps and twists. Darkness is poised for victory, daring the Light to risk all. The Battle Immortal is the 7th and final book of The Silk & Steel Saga, an epic tale of swords, sorcery, courage and deceit.
It is suggested you do not read this chapter if you have not read the previous books in The Silk & Steel Saga

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