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Book 5 - The Knight Marshal

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The Knight Marshal - Book 5 of The Silk & Steel Saga

The Octagon Knights have fallen. The king is dead. The knight marshal leads a ragged band of survivors, waging a desperate winter war against the Mordant’s hordes. Sorely beleaguered, the knights fight with valor, but this battle is much more than a contest of swords…it is a battle of souls. 

In the far north, Kath’s great victory becomes a dire trap as winter closes its deadly fist. In the south, still reeling from the Flame War, Queen Liandra struggles to rally her kingdom, unaware that Darkness converges on her city like a strangling noose.
Plots thicken as old alliances reform and new temptations arise. The players are being positioned for the Battle Immortal, an epic struggle of Light and Dark where all of Erdhe hangs in the balance.  

It is suggested you do not read this chapter if you have not read the previous books in The Silk & Steel Saga
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