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Book 3 - The Skeleton King

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The Skeleton King - Book 3 of The Silk & Steel Saga

Destinies collide in the far north. Kath and her companions chase a trail of death across the steppes. The endless grassland seems benign, but they soon fall prey to an ambush of tricks and traps. Swords alone will not avail them, for the north is guarded by the foulest magic. The companions must rally, each of them tested in a crucible of choice. War drums thunder across the steppes. The Mordant ascends the Ebony Throne, loosing his hordes against the Octagon. The steppes become a bloody battlefield, with victory and loss on all sides. One age is ended but another begins. Born of blood and deceit, the new age threatens to be full of Darkness unless a few dare to make a difference.
It is suggested you do not read this chapter if you have not finished book 1,
The Steel Queen, and book 2,
The Flame Priest.
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The third book of the Silk & Steel Saga, The Skeleton King, was published in May 2012 and is available in both ebook and print.