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The Gargoyle Gates - "Wings unfurled and talons extended as the great stone beasts strained against their bonds." Stamps include: Celtic Pentacle- Third Coast: Medium Cloud- Alextamping: Lightening-Museum of Modern Rubber: Columns- Embossing Arts: Gargoyle- Petaluma

Royal Risk -"Vastly outnumbered by a ruthless enemy, Queen Liandra spins desperate gambits in a dire struggle to save her kingdom." Worried Queen- Beeswax: Chess Pieces- Stamp Francisco: Medium Clouds- Alextamping: Gothic Arches- unknown

The Skeleton King
-"His armor glistened with a baleful light. Helm and breastplate, greaves and gauntlets, the silvery armor was pattern to resemble a lich king. The breastplate showed a skeleton's ribs, the helmet fashioned in to a fearsome skull." Stamps used include Knight- Beeswax: Skull- Stampa Barbara: Small Skull- Bartholomew’s Ink: Skull Candle- A LA Art: Celtic Pentacle- Third Coast: Lightning- Museum of Modern Rubber: Medium Cloud- Alextamping.

The Stone Hand -"A giant stone hand confronted them, the palm held outward like a warning, a Seeing Eye inscribed in the center." Hand- Repeat Impressions: Deer- Stampscapes: Sand/Snow- Stampendous: Trees- Arts Sweet Home: Radiant Eye- 100 Proof Press: Mountains- unkown