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Hammer Glacier - "The companions traveled to a place that could not be found on any map of Erdhe." Stamps used include: Mounted Knight- Beeswax: Crystals- Good Stamp Stamp Goods: Mountain- Stampscapes: Sand/Snow- Stampendous.

Kingdoms of Erdhe
 -My hand-drawn Art Card of Erdhe showing the Orcnoth Islands, the Dragon Spine Mountains, the Great Southern Swamp, and Eye Lake. Ancient maps are so cool, with their fancy compasses, sea serpents and calligraphy, they whisk you to another time and place, full of adventure and daring. Stamps used include: Dragon- Ichiyo Art: Small Sun Compass- Tin Can Mail: Castle Chess Piece- Stamp Francisco: Castle and Small Ship- unknown.

The Seahorse Knight 
- The Seahorse Knight is the fifth son of the Duke of Graymaris, a peer of the realm of Lanverness. Sir Cardemir wins acclaim on the tournament field but openly chafes at being the lessor son of a powerful duke. Stamps used include: Seahorse- Rubberstamp Ave.: Castle- Cherry Pie: Large Wave- Stamp It!: Cone Shell, Scallop Shell, Spiral Shell- Judikins.

The Kiralynn Monks - Founded over one thousand years ago by a group of scholars, knights, and wizards, the Kiralynn Order has always presented an enigmatic face to the world, a face that is open yet closed. Stamps used include: Radiant Eye-100 Proof Press: Celtic Owl-Third Coast: Lightning-Museum of Modern Rubber: Medium Cloud-Alextamping: Hand and Latin Words unknown.