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Kath of Castlegard - A princess with the heart of a warrior, Kath is the daughter of the King of Castlegard yet the symbol of the Octagon is forbidden to her because of her sex. Instead, she uses the Anvril's ancient heraldic symbol of a red hawk attacking with talons outstretched on a field of white. Stamps used: Gargoyle- Third Coast: Large Tree- Stampa Rosa: Large Tree- Beeswax: Hilltop- Posh. I hope you enjoy this Art Card of Erdhe. 

Isle of Souls – Rumors say the Isle is enchanted. Mystics, mediums, and fortunetellers flock there to ply their trade. Stamps used: Large Wave- Stamp It!: Medium Cloud- Alextamping: Tragedy Mask- Good Stamp Stamp Goods

Star Tower Ruins -
The past has a way of influencing the future. Hidden in the ruins of the Star Tower, an ancient weapon awaits the hand of an unlikely hero. Stamps used: Mushrooms- Stamp Art: Large Fern- Visual Image Printery: Castle- Third Coast: Gryphon Column- Post Modern Designs: Large Tree- Beeswax: Wild Grass- Posh. 

Isle of the Oracle - "Steffan followed the whispers across the kingdoms of Erdhe, collecting clues to the location of the Dark Lord’s Oracle." Stamps used include: Woman’s Face- Stamp Francisco: Large Moon- Stampa Barbara: Moon and Clouds- A Stamp in the Hand: Water pad- Handprints: Bushes- Stampscapes:Wild Grass- Posh: Grassy Hillside- Stampin Up: Temple- unknown