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Liandra, the Queen of Lanverness, uses her beauty to beguile, her spies to foresee, and her gold to control. A brilliant strategist, she will need all of her skill and strength to fight a rebellion with her own blood at its heart. Liandra’s brilliance at strategy is symbolized by the knights fighting on the chessboard. The soaring architecture speaks to the prosperity of her kingdom. The woman's face evokes Liandra’s beauty, femininity and thoughtful nature. Stamps used: Woman’s Face- Stampland: Castle- The Stampin Place: Checkerboard Floor- Beeswax: Medium Clouds- Alextamping: gothic cathedral and jousting knights unknown) 

The Red Horns - Queen Liandra will face a rebellion with her own blood at its heart.  Stamps used include: Unicorn- Rubberstamp Ave: Rose- I Love Rubber Stamps: Skull- A La Art

Knight’s Vigil - Blaine keeps vigil on the eve of his knighthood. The Octagon Knights are the sword and shield that protect the southern kingdoms. Stamps used: Kneeling Knight- Beeswax: Stone Window Frame, Celtic Stone Blocks, Dragon Stained-Glass Window- Third Coast: Castle Seal- 100 Proof

The Sword - Forged from sapphire-blue ore, blue steel swords are forever sharp, with half the weight and twice the strength of conventional steel. A king's ransom and a smith's dream forged together to make a knight's soul, blue blades are meant for the hands of heroes. Stamps used in this card include Left Wing, Right Wing- Stampendous: Mounted Knight- The Stampin Place: Medium Cloud- Alextamping