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Octagon Knights - As a sworn brotherhood of elite knights, the candidates forsake their lineage and their past when they win their maroon cloaks. Their symbol is a maroon octagon emblazoned on a silver shield. Stamps used in this card include: Castle Wall, Castle Gate, Castle Tower Gate: Artee Stamps (Australia): Knight Seal- Rubber Trouble: Medium Clouds- Alextamping. 

The Puppet Master - The Lord Raven becomes the puppet master in Coronth, corrupting the innocent and the unwary as he sets an entire kingdom ablaze. Stamps used in this card include: Swirl Design- Era Graphics: Puppeteer- Zettiology Rubber Stamps

The Priestess
- The Priestess of the Dark Oracle will ply her powers of magic and seduction in her quest for immortality. Stamps used in this card include: Celestial Dreams- Stamp Oasis: Celtic Moon-Third Coast: Lightning-Museum of Modern Rubber: Medium Clouds- Alextamping

The Kiralynn Monks - Across the kingdoms of Erdhe, the memory of the Kiralynn monks has slowly faded, becoming little more than legend and myth. Yet select rulers of the southern kingdoms still receive scrolls sealed with the symbol of the Order. History has proven that these scrolls contain an uncanny prescience. Kings ignore the advice of the Order at their own peril. Stamps used in this card include: Radiant Eye- 100 Proof Press: Wizard- Cherry Pie: Calligraphy- unknown.