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The Battle Immortal - Representing the eternal battle between good and evil. This card was inspired by the artwork of Escher. Stamps used in this card include: Jousting Knight- The Stampin Place: Checkerboard Floor-Beeswax: Medium Clouds- Alextamping.

The Dark Lord’s Cavern - A vast cavern carved from nightmares. Red stalactites hang from a vault of rough rock, as if the earth had wept blood that slowly petrified. Power pulsed in the shadows, waiting to be summoned. Mortals did not belong here. Stamps used in this card include
: Skull- Stampa Barbara: Crystals- Good Stamp Stamp Goods; Star Crown- 100 Proof Press: Icicles- Rubber Stamps of America: Swirl- Stamp of the Hand: Ghoul-unknown.

The Deep Green - An ancient forest reborn from the ashes of a once great city. The towering trees protect a secretive clan of people led by a mysterious woman called the Treespeaker. The Deep Green first appears in The Flame Priest, the second book of The Silk & Steel Saga. Stamps used in this card include: Forest Cathedral- Rubbernecker: Celtic Tree- Third Coast

Orcnoth Islands - A string of rocky islands in the Western Ocean. Once infested by pirates, the Orcnoth Islands are now ruled by the kingdom of Navarre, a home to fisherman and sheep herders. Stamps used in this card include: Dragon Seal- Missing Link Stamps: Compass Rose- Stampers Anonymous: Octopus- Octopus Ink: Ship- unknown