Welcome!  The website has been updated to include a new icon, "Books by Azinger".  Here you can find links to all eight published books (the seven books of the "Silk and Steel Saga", plus a collection of short stories). Included are links to purchase the ebooks, sample chapters for The Steel Queen, The Flame Priest, The Skeleton Priest, The Poison Priestess, The Knight Marshal, The Prince Deceiver, The Battle Immortal and information about the cover artists.
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Book 1 
The Steel Queen
Book 2 
The Flame Priest
Short Stories 
The Assassin's Tear
The Battle Immortal, Book 7 of The Silk and Steel Saga, was published in October 2015 in both ebook and print.  It concludes the Silk & Steel Saga which began with The Steel Queen and continued through The Flame Priest, The Skeleton King, The Poison Priestess, The Knight Marshal, and The Prince Deceiver.  The Assassin's Tear is a collection of short stories, two of which take place in the land of the Silk & Steel Saga.  All books are now available in ebook and in print.  

Book 1, The Steel Queen was published in April 2011.
Book 2, The Flame Priest was published in November 2011.
Book 3, The Skeleton King, was published in May 2012.
Book 4, The Poison Priestess, was published in November 2012.
Book 5, The Knight Marshal, was published in October 2013
Book 6, The Prince Deceiver, was published in September 2014
Book 7, The Battle Immortal, the final book (REALLY the FINAL book) of the seven book Silk & Steel Saga, was published in October 2015
Featured Fantasy Artist - I am thrilled and honored to be featured as a fantasy artist in the Dec 2011 edition of Rubberstampmadness, the oldest and best rubber stamping magazine in the US. Some of my best stamped artwork is featured in this article, including the Cloud Castle. If you'd like to see more, you can order RSM at their website or find the magazine in craft stores across the US.
Book 3 
Skeleton King
Book 4 
The Poison Priestess
IT'S DONE!!  The conclusion to the Silk & Steel Saga, Book 7, The Battle Immortal,  is now available in ebook and  in print!!  
Link to Art Cards of Erdhe
Here are three writing tips - 
My tips for writing fantasy
There are two new links to author interviews -                      Writer Wednesday and Epic Fantasy Author Spotlight
Book 5 
The Knight Marshal
Book 6 
The Prince Deceiver
Books of the Silk and Steel Saga
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Book 7 
The Battle Immortal

By popular request, there is a new webpage showing the Maps of Erdhe - which unfortunately do not appear in the ebooks.  The maps can be accessed from the home page or from this link.
Brand New Book!!  At the request of my fans I have just finished and published (Nov 2016) a new book on the art of writing.  It is entitled "Power Writing: Make Your Genre Fiction Soar".  Based on the TidBit Thursday postings to my facebook page, this book gives useful writing tips for both novice and experienced writers as well as insights into the writing of "The Silk & Steel Saga".  Something for everyone!  Fans and writers all!

Click on the book cover for more information.
Art Cards of Erdhe:  I've posted a compilation of the art cards of Erdhe.  You can see it by clicking on this link, or from the home page.